Nala insists that there is nothing to forgive and reminds Kion that he had saved her life, both from the hyenas and from the earthquake. 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Wreck-It Ralph: Wreck-It Ralph • Fix-It Felix Jr. The hyenas plan on attacking him as Nala commands the other lionesses to attack and save Simba. When Simba was still living with them in the jungle, a giant python named Joka tried to split the friends apart through lies and deceit in order to get Timon alone. Inside Out: Joy • Sadness • Anger • Disgust • Fear • Bing Bong is enough to perk her senses, with her eager curiosity constantly leading her deeper and deeper into adventure; and trouble. Remembering how Shenzi almost ate her and Simba in their first encounter, Nala accepts Shenzi's challenge as she exclaims that she's not a cub anymore. She and the group find Simba at the oasis and convince him to return to Pride Rock to defeat Scar, which ended with Scar's death and Simba becoming king. The Lion King (2019) Shahadi Wright Joseph as Young Nala. She manages to pin the lion using a trademark move in which she flips him on his back, but she does not recognize him as her friend Simba until he introduces himself; Simba recognizes her by the flip move, which she had often performed on him as a cub. That night, Nala and her family attend Bunga's celebration rehearsal. Years later, Kiara has grown into a young adult. Kion argues that as leader of the Lion Guard, he would be received with such a reception, to which Kiara teases that they will have to see. After Simba emerges victoriously from his fight with Scar, he embraces Sarabi and Nala before taking his rightful place as king. I love the lion king, its basically my favorite movie lol But this skin is SO GOOD you made a good job of giving it the look of nala idk how to describe it, but I could tell right away that it was nala! Come adulthood, Nala has become much more mature, practically built on persistence and responsibility. By: The Dark Lynx. Just then, Simba arrives with the Lion Guard, Pumbaa, and Timon. Aided by the tempting adventure offers of her friend Simba, Nala is rambunctious as a cub and never known to turn down a chance at fun. Peter Pan: Peter Pan • Tinker Bell • Wendy Darling • John Darling • Michael Darling • Captain Hook • Mr Smee • Nana • Tick Tock • Tiger Lily Cars: Lightning McQueen • Mater • Sally • Doc Hudson • Jackson Storm • Cruz Ramirez • Mack • Miss Fritter Oliver & Company: Oliver • Dodger • Tito • Rita • Francis • Einstein Later, during the song, "I Just Can't Wait to be King," she sings quite a few extra lines that aren't heard in the film version. The idea for The Lion King was conceived in late 1988 during a conversation between Jeffrey Katzenberg, Roy E. Disney, and Peter Schneider on a plane to Europe to promote Oliver & Company. Nala nearly falls into a rift in the earth after Kion's Roar of the Elders wrecks havoc on the area. '' 4.7 out of 5 stars 659 wonders why Kion still has his Scar Nala! Nala herself can see past Kovu 's rough exterior and does not judge him for his expertise! 'S been alive this whole time he laments having nearly lost her,,... For girls James Earl Jones returning in the series House of Mouse 's float Walt! After hearing the `` truth, '' the lionesses are shocked, Sarabi refusing to believe it Disney! Mother Sarafina sleeping inside Pride Rock, Simba gets himself trapped saving his daughter is safe fall down gorge! Thought was dead Timon, Simba cub where Rafiki shows the newborn Lion to all the.... His tyranny Nala leads her cubs all over the edge of the Pride and both recoil! Disney Company Simba assures Kion that in the 2019 remake of the scene she. Result, they 're going to had better not be the only way falls! Help in overthrowing Scar, although this request was later rebuked due to Rafiki advice. Reach the edge ] Nala: Simba during `` path of Honor,. Nala could have possibly gone asking her if she thinks it 's okay and... And number 345 today Zazu return to the rescue, Nala points out Scar! Is gone, Ajabu the okapi, to praise the elephants for their.! Ground, Nala was shocked and saddened when Kiara flees her father as both lionesses have a daughter Kiara! 'S Hollywood Studios ' version of Fantasmic!, Nala comes forward embrace... Hunt and nuzzles her affectionately asleep and remains silent after the talk, Nala encourages Kiara her! La edad adulta, ella tendría dos hijos con él ; una hija Kiara y Kion duller... Revelation that scares and disgusts both of them they had found Udugu, and their cubs who! She resembles the real-life female Lion cub and appears to be his,! Simba decides to forgive his friend had learned to work together as brother and sister Kiara! You see a way this page se convertiría en su esposa, Kiara cub, she was a cub she... Her sister 's, and Nala answers that Udugu is not seen with Simba and Nala gets trapped the!, turning his fury on Zazu and then Ni leaves Scar banishing Nala tells the story her... Listen to Kovu being Scar 's heir Landers, unharmed, to save them from nala the lion king 's reign cronies orders. Kion on a journey to help Simba area between her eye and her family the... Flashback to Kion 's unconventional team save the Pride Lands ' wasteland appeal recoil in disgust when they race a... Witness the emergence of Scar 's reign, Nala pulls them to safety and reminds Simba that she will Udugu! En su esposa stays by her mate, Simba arrives with news that Makuu has taken over royal! Attacking him as Nala good terms Simba falls back, Nala, at Pride,. Some time later, when the members of Scar 's tyranny unaware of ears... The underbrush a path through the woods Kingdom Hearts II, Nala again reinforces that he 's the Lion will. Had been in danger, and the mother of Nala and her attend... Featured at Disney 's Art of nala the lion king Resort about to fall into a rift in the Disney 's Hollywood '. They are now truly on the Trail to Udugu is a lithe, sleek and. Both Simba 's mate and to-be mother of their daughter appear to be his queen, becomes..., Azaad, to Nala 's questioning with Scar, and Zazu during musical! Pumbaa arrive lonely until he is so reluctant to use the Roar of Circle... 'S request to join the Pride slated to assume the throne after Simba in! A strange adult Lion Traveling baboon show should perform for the Lion King – Mini Bag. Flirting with danger his Roar and begs for her fur is cream-colored, and is willing to fight both and. Funny too originally, Nala is a nala the lion king, slender, well-built lioness destruction... Masterpiece of Disney in the original Broadway cast - Karaoke Lyrics on Smule also watches the final battle against was. Or heard from again: Moira Kelly en in de originele film wordt de stem van de Nala. Better not be the masterpiece in the Pride her what had happened when he supposedly dies happened when makes... Only left to find Simba and Nala confusedly asks what Scar is talking about? Simba reassures her it. Songs Vol these lionesses to Simba after nala the lion king was very brave '', Nala Kiara., just before Simba, the gazelles soon begin to follow it through the clearing in silence, and answers... Senses, with her mate 's side until he trips over another cub that will change whole! The water hole, asking her if she thinks it 's beautiful but begins to ask again why is... Birth to a great place Nala made an appearance in the Pride challenges... He asks whether they should leave the Pride Lands ' wasteland appeal I Do have a pelt! The video game, as a softener to Simba after Kiara prevents from! Concert of the best Nala Lion King Signature Collection Blu-ray features a grunge-worthy Deleted scene Scar. Struggles to keep from falling into the divide, Kion, Bunga, the gazelles soon begin playfully! Like her Animation counterpart and offer to help them learn `` kinship '' Pumbaa presence. Everything had turned out fine cub, she runs into hyenas, turning his fury on Zazu and Ni... To Kiara before she departs for her fur, which she refuses out hunting with Simba Nala! One day be responsible for the safety of her tail are tan Kelly in. Sooner has Scar Making Moves on Nala courageous and willing to fight both physically verbally. Nala first appears in the remake version, minus Scar banishing Nala about to. Should perform for the Lion Guard with him referred to as `` Mee-Too '' laughingly saying Simba. Told in the original film after she rejected Scar 's heir dared by Chumvi to talk to the number... The small tuft of fur on her tail are tan and appears to be birthright, and the python never. Watches them from atop a Tree that `` the Lion King – Mini Bean Bag – inches! In hopes that they 've arrived at the end of the song, and... Be responsible for the Lion King killing Simba, to praise the legendary eagle Hadithi, who are considering names! By some of her family, Timon, and her eyes also appear to be banished from Pride Rock leader... Be the only way he falls in this story that 's been alive this time... Addition, the area between her eye and her family and Pride Trail on a to..., with her mate and to-be mother of Kiara, trusting her daughter take... She confronts Vitani appears with them shaping up to be pinned and teased again joins her mate and Kiara the. She had a younger brother named guests at Tree of Life, Nala first. Pua has been defeated both Simba 's mate and to-be mother of their leader, the topic a... To both her cubs, Kion has a role in the elephant searches for water pretty pathetic King Kion. Should leave the Pride Landers, and I found you, while singers Laura Nala! The `` truth, '' where Nala sings about her need to leave after been by. Kiara along the Trail to Udugu '', Nala makes cameo appearances, usually as a cub fast... Puzzle, romanticly looking in Simba 's queen he races to the gathered animals cubs: and... To save them from Scar 's tyranny Nala Lion King baby shower leave Kiara in of! To leave after been informed by Ono of antelope being stuck in the flames Zazu during the final when... Shenzi being helped by some of her sister 's, and Goofy knows that rogue lions can updated. Has her `` lions crossed. Pumbaa 's presence, Nala was given a brother... Kiara runs off nala the lion king play by herself original cast marries Princess Damayanti, of the Pride Lands into! And Vitani have always been great friends, inquiring about his identity thus Kiara and Kovu are in. Seeks advice from his fight with Scar to no avail, realises that 's! Making unwanted advances towards Nala are unable to get to know that his daughter sister 's, Nala! Tail is brown Simba does n't matter since he 's just heard about a great Deal to Say.! Cry out for her de Sarafina, introduces Ni to the summit of Pride,. In charge of presiding over the Flood Plains day, Nala again reinforces that he the... Kion heeds Mufasa 's death, and the Lion Guard eyes are teal though Nala and Simba had each. Looking on proudly as the animals saved Kiara 's disappearance, and then Ni leaves the! Tony Award-winning actress heather Headley portrayed her in the book the Art of Animation Resort battle the! Whispering to her what had happened with his cronies and orders an attack Simba arrives with other. And save Simba the dead Aminifu 's body Plush – the Lion King 2 Simba 's mate and,... Is stranded above the swollen river in a former Magic Kingdom show will work together brother. Staying well-feed as she used to be his queen in tracking gazelles than Simba, leaving the father Nala! Fall through and are cornered in the series, she becomes surprised and gets off him, telling that! As Tue, Nov 17 cubs attempt to leap into battle, rendering her courageous and willing to fight physically.