It almost looks as though someone picked up one of the great pyramids of Egypt and placed it among the Beartooth mountain range. A small convenience store and even smaller hotel offer limited services during the summer months. (The turn is 1.8 miles past the Top of the World Store.) Pull over to walk along the wheelchair-accessible trail dotted with a series of interpretative panels that highlight the area’s natural history, as well as the highway construction. Brett French The Wyoming side of the Beartooth Pass is scheduled to open on Friday, providing motorists access between Red Lodge and Cooke City via Highway 212. The Beartooth Highway in place today essentially follows Sheridan’s route. Open to the public in the summer, when there is enough snow, the area’s owners describe it as “backcountry skiing with a lift.” The area has two high-speed Poma lifts to bring you up hill. To access excellent small stream fishing for trout, travel east from Cooke City, MT … south from Red Lodge, MT … or north from Cody, WY. Just down the road from the Top of the World Store is Beartooth Lake, which attracts kayakers, canoe enthusiasts, fishermen and hikers. One of the most breathtaking routes to Yellowstone National Park is from Red Lodge, Mont., to Cooke City and Silver Gate via the 68-mile stretch of the Beartooth Highway. Cooke City is five miles from the north east entrance to the Yellowstone National Park. For additional information, contact the Cooke City Chamber of Commerce at 406-838-2495 or the Red Lodge Chamber of Commerce at 406-446-1738, Other Beartooth Scenic Highway & Pass Resources. A bill dubbed the Park Approach Act was passed in 1931 and allocated funds to build roads to national parks, and from these funds, the Beartooth Pass was built. >after Red Lodge we will be heading to Cody.Best route for that? To reduce glare on your windshield and eyes, drive east to west, from Red Lodge to Cooke City in the morning, and west to east, Cooke City to Red Lodge, in the afternoon. Geysers & hot springs are visible from the road & boardwalk. Don’t finish this incredible drive without stopping at at least one of the 950-plus lakes in the Beartooth Mountain Range. From there, 23 miles from Red Lodge and near the summit of Beartooth Pass, you’ll see Beartooth Basin Summer Ski Area, one of the oldest alpine ski areas in the country. The brewery’s creatively named beers include the Dylly Vanylly Porter, Czechmate Pilsner and the Beartooth Pale Ale. This is gorgeous and awe-inspiring drive, and you may consider taking it if if fits your schedule. This 21-mile stretch of the Grand Loop Road from the West Thumb to Lake Village travels along the side of Yellowstone Lake with hotels, visitor centers, and a geyser basin boardwalk. There are restrooms here, as well. Since 1995, we've built travel guides that promote great outdoor destinations. Home to about 2,500 residents, Red Lodge is a fantastic place to spend a few days or a week, as the town does an incredible job celebrating its Wild-West past and its present-day mix of residents who include small-business owners and tech-industry transplants. Featuring kitchenettes, TV, wifi, and hot tub. It’s so high that it’s closed in winter due to snow, but in the summer months offers the best motorcycling in the country. Through “The Park” to Red Lodge via Dunraven Pass (inside the park) and Beartooth Pass. The Bear's Tooth (upper center right) as seen from the Beartooth Highway. Is it worthwhile to drive all the way to Red Lodge for lunch or should we turn around before reaching the switchback's down to Red Lodge. That is using the shortest route. The best and easiest route to Yellowstone, “The Sweet 16” Highway. More Information: To find out if the Beartooth Highway is open, call the U.S. Forest Service at 406-446-2103 or call the Red Lodge Visitors Center at 888-281-0625. Yes, you’ll cross the 45th parallel, and with it, you’ll feel as though you are hovering above the Earth with a bird’s eye view of Montana’s alpine country. After a nice slow week of hanging out in Yellowstone, floating the river near Mac’s Inn and playing Guitar Hero with the family, I was dreading having to actually wake up before sunrise (gasp) to make the ride to Jackson in time for breakfast. ... Red Lodge to Cooke City running Beartooth pass July 2017 - Duration: ... Red Lodge MT, Beartooth … The Beartooth Highway is the section of U.S. Route 212 between Red Lodge, Montana and Cooke City, Montana. We invite you to stay in one of our cozy cabins and enjoy the mountain scenery with elevations from 7,600, in Cooke City, to over 10,000 feet. “Park crews are still on … The world’s first National Park is renowned for its spouting geysers, mineral pools, bubbling mud cauldrons, canyons, rivers and lakes, cascading waterfalls and abundant wildlife. Race starts at 8:00 a.m. At the top of the Beartooth Pass. Beartooth Highway climbs one of the highest and most rugged areas in the … After much deliberation, Red Lodge Events has come to the tough decision to cancel the 52nd Annual Beartooth Run. Near the bottom of the pass, the road connects to the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway and continues onto Cooke City. Beartooth Pass With no cars to contend with, cyclists take the whole lane on their way up the Beartooth Pass south of Red Lodge. Twenty-one miles from Red Lodge, you’ll see the Vista Point Rest Area that sits at 9,190 feet. Yellowstone encompasses 2.2 million acres of scenic beauty. There are numerous pullouts along the drive including the Vista Point Rest Area 21 miles from Red Lodge which provides views of Beartooth, Hell Roaring, and Silver Run Plateaus. Adobe Stock One of the most breathtaking routes to Yellowstone National Park is from Red Lodge, Mont., to Cooke City and Silver Gate via the 68-mile stretch of the Beartooth Highway. This is a great tourist town — not over the top, but still providing all the essentials: restaurants, motels, and … It’s the only shop on this stretch of road, making it seem like an oasis in the wilderness. Otherwise, the motel owners recommend advanced reservations ⎯ there are only four rooms after all ⎯ although they have a strict no-cancellation policy. Completed in 1936, the now famous road connects Red Lodge and Cooke City Montana with a 69 mile traverse across the Beartooth Plateau, one of the largest land masses above 10,000 ft in the United States. Not sure this question was answered. In between those two elevations, the road rises to 10, 947 feet at Beartooth Pass in Wyoming. Completed in 1936, the now famous road connects Red Lodge and Cooke City Montana with a 69 mile traverse across the Beartooth Plateau, one of the largest land masses above 10,000 ft in the United States. From there, continue on through Cooke City and Silver Gate to the Yellowstone National Park’s Northeast Entrance. The road is generally open from Memorial Day weekend through mid-October, depending on the weather and snowpack. As the mining boom subsided in Red Lodge, Montana several local men looked to the possibility of a road that would lead tourists in to experience the splendor of the Beartooth Mountains. Must-see valley in Montana, just north of Yellowstone National Park. Beartooth Highway, Cooke City-Silver Gate & Red Lodge Montana Travel Diary “Montana should come with a surgeon general warning that it's addictive. Driving over Beartooth Pass, northeast of Yellowstone National Park. Tucked beneath the Beartooth Pass and nestled along Rock Creek approximately 5 miles south of Red Lodge, Rock Creek Resort provides a healthy family atmosphere as well as an ideal place for corporate retreats, business meetings, banquets, weddings and family reunions with spacious lodging, fine dining and recreational activities. The Beartooth Highway is a 68-mile travel corridor, beginning (at its eastern most terminus), just south of Red Lodge, Montana at an elevation of 6400 feet and ending (at its western most terminus) near the Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone National Park and Cooke City and Silver Gate, Montana, at an elevation of 7500 feet. See the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower, Yellowstone and more on this 2,800 mile all-American road trip. The Beartooth Highway, also known as the All American Road connects Red Lodge and Cooke City, Montana with a 69 mile road traversing the Beartooth Plateau. Follow the road another four miles to the northeastern entrance to Yellowstone National Park just west of the small mountain community of Silver Gate, Montana. Cooke City is located 64 miles from Red Lodge, MT via the renowned Beartooth Highway and the Chief Josef Highway 296 North of Cody WY. Because of it’s location, this town is the hub for several recreational activities, as well as some of America’s most famous attractions. And why you want to do some research and know your comfort levels with mountain roads before you drive your RV up here. It traces a series of steep zigzags and switchbacks, along the Montana-Wyoming border to the 10,947 ft (3,337 m) high Beartooth Pass in Wyoming. Thirty-eight miles from Red Lodge and 25 from Cooke City, it’s a great place to buy an ice cream or local artwork and stretch your legs. The Beartooth Highway is an All-American Road (meaning that it’s one of the most beautiful roads in America) that serves as a wilderness retreat for those looking to travel by car through the Custer, Shoshone, and Gallatin National Forests. There are 2 routes available. A few minutes from downtown sits Red Lodge Ales that has a great outdoor area for kids to play and adults to take in the fresh mountain air. As General Sheridan returned from a Yellowstone inspection tour in 1872, he followed the advice of a local trapper named Greer, crossing Beartooth Pass rather than taking the long route down the Clarks Fork River back to Billings. The Beartooth Mountains are located on the top of the plateau, making this range the tallest in Montana. If I killed some time, perhaps the weather would pass. On Broadway Avenue, the town’s main street, you’ll discover Old West-style saloons and trendy restaurants, along with boutiques, art galleries, a full-service grocery store and a number of restaurants. Two separate states plus two different seasons equals one great adventure for RVers in Yellowstone Country. Very pretty route along the east side of the Bridger Mountains, near Bozeman. It is the highest elevation highway in the Northern Rockies. Heading south from Red Lodge, the Beartooth Highway (US212) leaves the town and quickly begins a seven mile climb up a steep series of switchbacks as it makes its way up the Beartooth Plateau. Redlodge Montana to Cooke City Montana via the Beartooth highway Dt Doug. Some of the country’s most beautiful drives lead straight into Cooke City. This unforgettable 68 mile drive takes you from the Northeast Entrance of Yellowstone National Park, through Silver Gate & Cooke City, to Red Lodge, Montana. Subscribe to our newsletter to received exlusive specials and travel deals! It quickly becomes apparent what a feat it was to build this incredible highway that was completed in 1936. Give us a follow if you want to be kept up to date about what’s happening! Open Memorial Day weekend through mid-October, campgrounds and trailheads along the pass provide camping, backpacking and fishing opportunities. First, you can come back over Beartooth Pass, but instead of heading toward Cooke City, make a left on the Chief Joseph Highway and then into Cody (296/120).This route is a little mountainous and very scenic. The approximate elevation rise is from 5,200 ft (1,600 m) to 10,947 ft (3,337 m) in 12 mi (19 km) in the most daring landscapes. A charming, historic town, Red Lodge, Mont., lies north of Yellowstone National Park, and it is where your route starts if you want to drive the Beartooth Highway from Montana to Yellowstone. From Red Lodge to Cooke City, the Beartooth Highway spans 69 miles of winding road and rises nearly 2,800 feet in elevation. From Red Lodge, MT: Drive southwest on US 212 W (the Beartooth Highway) for 41.1 miles and turn right at the turnoff for Beartooth Lake. Deluxe motel rooms and a handful of rustic cabins located in the heart of Cooke City, over Beartooth Pass from Red Lodge. Mileage listed as follows CC-mileage from Cooke City, Montana/RL Mileage from Red Lodge, Montana. At this barebones area, there is no lodge, equipment rental store or warming hut. One of the most fascinating sights you’ll see along the way is a near-perfectly carved pyramid rising up between the granite mountains. During the winter months, the road is closed to vehicles, although roughly the same route is groomed for snowmobile use. Tori is the Co-Brand and Content Director for National Park Trips Media. Crazy Creek Falls (Mileage CC 11.4 – /RL – 40.7) Located just west of the Beartooth/Chief Joseph Scenic Highway intersection, Crazy Creek is on of the most uniquely named wild waterfalls along the Highway. © 2021 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. To get to the Beartooth Highway from Red Lodge, you will take U.S. Highway 212. The Beartooth Scenic Highway, a National Scenic Byways All-American Road, winds over steep switchbacks and climbs magnificent mountains for approximately 70 miles from Cooke City to Red Lodge, Montana. The 68 mile road begins on the east side just outside of the mountain town of Red Lodge, Montana. Weather permitting, it is open Memorial Day through Columbus Day every year. Rental and guide services are available in both Red Lodge and Cooke City. Assuming the park's maximum posted speed limit of 45mph, that would be around 5 hours. If you thought the drive was scenic… BEARTOOTH RUN CANCELLED. Along the way, visitors are treated to sweeping views and plentiful opportunities for outdoor recreation. Firehole Lake Road is a 3-mile, one-way road off the Grand Loop between Old Faithful and Madison. As the Beartooth Highway climbs to 10,350 feet in Montana and 10,947 in Wyoming—the highest highway elevation in both states—passengers are treated to views of alpine meadows, sparkling l… A similar route is groomed for snowmobile use during the winter months, and provides excellent opportunities for the motorized and non-motorized winter sports enthusiasts. Continue on and you’ll find yourself at the exact halfway point between the North Pole and equator. Where does the Beartooth Highway begin and end? Connect with travelers planning a visit to Red Lodge Montana. The drive has a waterfall overlook and swimming area. It snakes across the rugged Beartooth Mountains from Red Lodge to Cooke City. Surrounded by the Shoshone, Gallatin, and Custer national forests and the national wilderness area protected within them, the Beartooth Highway provides visitors with a unique opportunity to experience the grandeur of these remote and pristine mountain landscapes. Located between Red Lodge Montana and Cooke City Montana, the Beartooth Highway has dozens of sharp switchbacks that take you to just under 11,000 feet above sea level, before you drop down to the other side. Beartooth Pass Road Condition Update - Monday through Thursday the road closes from 8 pm to 8 am. In that short span … Travelers should plan for around three hours and more if plans include hiking, fishing, or other recreating pit stops. Named a National Scenic Byway’s “All-American Road,” the highway climbs 5,000 feet through lodgepole pine forests leading you to an enchanting world made of alpine lakes, 20 peaks over 12,000 feet, glacially carved cirques and vibrant wildflowers. Watch the time-lapse video of the drive. Just before the top of the pass, the road crosses the 45th parallel, the midpoint between the North Pole and equator. Hi again, Now that I've decided to take the extra day and stay in Cooke City vs Gardiner.What I plan to to do is drive from Cody towards Red Lodge via Chief Joseph & Beartooth Hwy's then drive to Cooke City for the night. When he declares a road to be “the most beautiful drive in America”, you darned well better make sure you get there, sometime in your life. One can travel to Yellowstone on US 212, Red Lodge to Cooke City/Silver Gate via the Beartooth Scenic Byway. Watch the time-lapse video. As you leave the valley floor, the road snakes up the mountainside in a series of tight switchbacks that seem to magically appear around each corner. The Top of The World Store, which is in Wyoming, is open Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sundays 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Adjoining the store is a rustic 4-room motel, so if you fall in love with this corner of the world, you can inquire if there are any vacancies. The Beartooth Mountains are located on the top of … On the other side of the pass, you’ll see The Top of The World Store, a charming little building, which sits at 9,396 feet. U.S. Hwy 212, also known as the “Beartooth Pass All-American Road” runs east from Cooke City to Beartooth Pass, and then south to the Montana/Wyoming border and the headwaters of Rock Creek. In addition to the numerous overlooks providing inspiring views along the Beartooth Highway Montana, several campgrounds including Beartooth Lake and Island Lake offer gorgeous views, trailheads, and the opportunity to really feel like you are camping on top of the world. Antlers Lodge is open year-round and offers guest services for every season of family vacation planning. Cooke City is a quaint little town positioned in the great Beartooth Mountains, near Yellowstone National Park. Backcountry and cross-country skiers can also take advantage of the access to additional trails and terrain, including the 14 mile Beartooth Loop Recreational Trail. On the west side the Beartooth Highway ends just before reaching the small towns of Cooke City and Silvergate, just outside of Yellowstone's Northeast Entrance. This stretch of U.S. Highway 212 between Red Lodge and Cooke City, Montana zigzags across the Montana-Wyoming border through a series of steep switchbacks, rising from about 5,000 feet to 10,947 feet at the Beartooth Pass. When it is open, half-day, tickets cost $35 and full-day tickets cost $45. Search for grizzly bears, moose, elk, black bears, bald eagles, wild horses, bison, and wolves on this driving tour through Yellowstone, Montana, and Idaho. When Charles Kuralt says a road is worth driving, you should probably make an effort to see it. Both Red Lodge and Cody are accessible via automobile in … Around 30 miles from Red Lodge, the summit of the plateau is reached followed by the road’s only settlement, appropriately called The Top of The World. Lookout Pass is a scenic route near Missoula Montana. This stretch of the Grand Loop from Madison Junction intersection to the exit for the Old Faithful area is the most popular and has the most geyser basins. This is, of course, the Beartooth Highway’s claim to fame. The sky is big and blue, and the air is always fresh and crisp and scented with pine. Winter time in Cooke City offers a very unique experience, one not likely to be found anywhere else. So, I walked through Red Lodge’s main business district along Broadway Avenue. Explore three national parks and one national monument on this breathtaking, 1,300-mile road trip that starts in Denver. for road construction. Carved exquisitely by glaciers, its unique shape led the Crow Indians to name it “bear’s tooth,” which is how the mountain range and highway got their name. From historic homesteads to breathtaking river valleys, here are our top stops for a fantastic scenic drive plus road-trip advice from Nokian Tyres. With the Beartooth Highway closed to traffic (more on that later), the only way for traditional Memorial Day visitors to make a run to Cooke City is via … To help plan your trip along this scenic byway, order a copy of Scenic Driving the Beartooth Highway by H. L. James (Falcon Press Publishing, second edition). From the 10,947 ft summit, the highway winds its way from the high tundra ecosystem down through alpine forests, passing hundreds of jewel-like lakes. October 13: Beartooth Highway (US 212 to Red Lodge, Montana) at 8:00 a.m. November 2: All roads close at 8 am except the road between the North Entrance (Gardiner) and the Northeast Entrance (Cooke City… Mapquest's raw mileage from Red Lodge, over the Beartooth, to Cooke City, and on down to Jackson is shown as 230 miles. The section of the Beartooth Highway that has been awarded the National Scenic Byways … 2021 Race: July 10th. She specializes in writing inspiring national park travelogues, foodie adventures and personal, heartfelt stories of people who shape our culture. Enjoy the majestic beauty of the Big Horn Mountains along US Highway 16. In spring and summer (generally April through October), don’t miss a cruise on the Beartooth Highway (US Highway 212), a stunning, 68-mile route from town through the mountains to nearby Red Lodge, Mont. Firehole Canyon Drive is a 2-mile, one-way road off the Grand Loop south of Madison.