The heavier egg sinkers allow you to cast farther. Lost my pole over that one. This deer was really bloody. Another tip is to keep your bait fresh. So there you have it. Posts: 412. I love using livers. HE SAID ( CREAM ) he now lives in some big White House in Washington D C . I found out years ago that jolly green giant whole kernel corn works well for blues and channel cats. If you are fishing a pond or river and not catching anything and think that catching some eating size channel cat would be nice, I find liver to be an excellent bait. Liver & Soft Bait Rigs. With the Pro-Cure Bait Scents method your livers will also emit plenty of scent into the water column. They work best with a treble hook. Catfishing is a great way to have fun in the summer fishing at night and the most popular The difference is the hens are slaughtered around 1 year old and the roosters around 4 to 6 years. I usually end up cooking it for my dogs. As for using string, gauze or liver hooks, there are other options available that allow liver baits to be used on single hooks. Ivory Soap. Theyll find it. The biggest issue encountererd when fishing with liver, pastes, cod roe or very soft fish sections such as sardine is keeping the bait on the hook for all but the softest underarm swing. TEXANA: GOOD. Works much better with the mosquito netting, stronger, and long enough to cut in 3 or 4 sections each. Chicken livers for instance are a prime cat bait but very soft indeed. mainly cause i dont knot how to use them. But if you look around where you fish for something they eat use it. For pole lines, I like live bait, or FRESH chicken liver. Participant. Usually take shrimp too. Outside of just adding livers to a hook and fishing with them, it is fairly common practice for those making their own homemade catfish bait to add livers to their recipes. I find the best bait for river cats are bloody raw red meat, shrimp, Creek chubs (caught a 38 lber on it), large shiners, shad, bluegill, leaches and night crawlers. A 50 pounder? i use shad or bream now.used to use livers though,had an old guy tell me to try pantyhose to keep the livers on,never could find any that fit right,they kept riding up my buttcrack,didnt seem to help matters at all. Yes, Are they a catfish bait that you should use as a “go to” bait? Should You Really Be Using Chicken Livers For Catfish Bait? I use chicken livers for channel cats, and on my rig I catch anywhere from fingerling size to 5 pounds. Catfish are fair on live bait, chicken livers, and blood baits. LAKE O’ THE PINES: GOOD. Garlic, anise, vanilla and even asafetida are often added to buckets of fresh livers to add additional scent. One of if not the most popular catfish bait is chicken livers. Throw it in your liver bucket, let it absorb your liver smell, then use it. I learned that fresh, raw, thick-cut, boneless, skinless chicken breast catches catfish, and it may work better than liver, stink baits and other cut baits that I’ve been using since I was a kid. Has anyone ever tried beef liver? It’s a bit time consuming, but you can do this while watching the tube, and you’ll have all of your baits ready BEFORE you get to your honey hole. A here fishy fishy song always brings luck. This Creek runs into the Ohio river but it’s pretty far up stream. Then I tie all of the strings together with a loop at the end. Just as I threw back a small walleye I had caught I saw my line moving slow and steady straight out. Another mistake is putting an oversized piece of liver on the hook. I don’t personally know anyone that heads into a trip with the intentions of using chicken livers as a primary bait. The livers IME have caught more eating size cats usually channels, while the shad catch the bigger bragging size cats which are usually the flatheads. The hands-down favorite bait for catfishing on the Mississippi River is skipjack herring. Depending on the size of chicken liver or other bait you want on your hook, cut a big enough square of hosery to wrap your bait up in (works good on bacon too). STEP 1: Blend up about a pound of chicken liver, a half box of corn flakes, a half cup … The smelly gooey mess that can be found with warm chicken livers is an immediate turn on to catfish. But one of the group of is that fish took issue with me using a stink bait and I wanted ask about those. I use an egg sinker on braided line with a leader between the sinker and hook. I’ve been using chicken livers for decades and I catch channels quite often. But trusting in his advanced years I started my search and soon found out there is such a thing. You simply push the hook into the bait and pull it out. Anyway, we decided to go fishing at the last minute. I love to catfish and have done so for many years. I kept my catfish rod in a holder while I fished for walleye with another rod. It is Rooster Livers, I use them every time I go fishing. With UV glow added, catfish will see as well as smell your bait. Ohhh.. And ive rarely caught anything late at night. When using chicken liver for bait, I've had the most success shore fishing in the back water of rivers, channels, or below a dam, using a rod holder positioned on the bank. Lots of other bait information on the site! After that it was many smaller channels. Does it have real blood? I anchored at about 1000 yards from the dam. When running trot lines, I prefer live bait, i.e. IDO » Community » Forums » Fishing Forums » Fishing by Species » Catfish & Sturgeon » Chicken Liver Chum Bait! For yellow cat, live perch. I went to go pee and forgot to open the bail. If you follow the steps outlined above you shouldn’t need any of these to keep the chicken liver on the hook, but I want this to be a comprehensive guide, so I’ll cover them all. SunUpSunDown. Live crawfish is also a great bait but not always available. You can find it on Amazon at $12 for 20′ (25 yards stretched). im always up for more tips in catching beter catfish besides just using livers and night crawlers. Twice I caught 2 at the same time. Have used liver but messy and hard to keep on the hook. I’ve used gizzards alongside chicken livers quite a few times, and I rarely get any bites. Chicken livers are only one tool in the toolbox of a well rounded catfisherman. To get on the fast track catching catfish check out the Catfish Edge products for in depth tutorials and information on locating and catching catfish using a variety of techniques. I cut a length of the mesh tubing about 2″ long, and tie off one end with kite string which is about $1.69 for 500 feet of the stuff.. Elastic thread is just a PITA because I can never seem to get it tight enough, because it stretches. Chicken Livers work for catfish like no other. But using raw chicken livers, some like them fresh, some like them stinky rotten. After last night I am a fan. Want more catfishing tips on baits, how to catch catfish and more? stevew. Have fished my whole life, used many bates. Me and a friend went fishing last night and I caught 9 cats on it. There are ways to keep the bait on longer. All you talked about was chicken livers. Caught three big blues and one nice channel cat all on liver. They stay on the hook without all the added frustration of using gauze or thread. I guess I am the guy that swears by them and catches tons of fish. Garlic chicken is top catfish bait Phillip Gentry Catfish, Sidebars When times are lean for fresh-cut herring, you can try this garlic chicken recipe to tempt blue catfish. It may not quite be the best bait or rig ever, but it is better than anything I have ever seen. They work for the same reasons that other “prepared” baits/attractants (cheese, blood, soured grains, range cubes, soaps, etc) work – they closely mimic certain chemical profiles of natural baits. Harker Heights Tx. Who knows? Now, before you chicken liver lovers get all stirred up……, Can you catch catfish with chicken liver? He used regular livers and only had one fish to show for it. I set the hook and got the fight of my life. I’m sorry again I do like liver I’ve got a better way to keep liver on a hook if anyone wants to see let me no its great. I wanted to assure him where was no actual blood in the bait and he didn’t need to worry about any blood borne illness. A heavy action rod with stronger fishing line is ideal for landing big channel catfish from a boat, or the shore. As a general rule there are far better baits than liver as a “go to” bait. Be sure to store your chicken liver mesh balls in the same container as your unused liver, so it can retain it’s bloody juices and not dry out, and keep them refrigerated. Check out my best tricks and tips to catching catfish with chicken liver. That night we caught 3 in about about an hour. But if you are wanting trophies than shad/bluegills are the only way to go IME. Many anglers immediately start discussing using chicken liver for catfish bait in my encounters with them . Outdoorsman. Fishing with chicken livers is one of the best baits to use to catch catfish and even other fresh water fish in lakes, ponds and rivers. This is more of a “last ditch effort” than anything. My wife loves to eat them so it is important to get a few. Just love Cut up Shad for Blues & Live Minnows for Channel depending on heat of the day. S. Joined: Apr 2016. CHICKEN LIVERS. Why wouldn't catfish love French fries? You can feed the wire through the liver, netting, or twist the ends closed around the hook in any configuration you want… or, just put the sealed liver pill on your hook and it will be very hard for a small fish to remove. There was a point and time (probably twenty years ago or more) that I too was one of these people that thought catching catfish involved picking up a bucket of chicken liver or some shrimp. If it has success with catfish I had rather use it than chicken liver. For the next 3 hrs we each caught a channel every 5 to 20 mins. Fish will also tear it off before you have a chance to set the hook. I know some catfish guides (and some tournament anglers) that use chicken liver for channel catfish (and even on occasion blue catfish) but these are usually third or fourth string baits for them if the fish are not hitting anything else (or for some reason they don’t have or cannot catch Threadfin Shad or Gizzard Shad for fresh bait). Biggest fish so far is a 62 lb on rod and reel. Circle hooks work well for other catfish baits, but not for chicken liver. Maybe. If you open a bottle of it and smell it you will quickly know why. Pretty sad I know. I couldn’t bait the hook fast enough. Been fishing for channel cat for many, many years, and I’ve tried everything, including Catfish Charlie, other dough and stink baits, pork liver, beef liver, goose liver, rabbit liver, turkey liver, peeled crawdad tails, river crawlers, Canadian crawlers, red Wiggler’s, perch, minnows, shiners, gold fish, shrimp, cut shad,hot dogs, chicken liver, and more. LOL Keep up the good work, and thank you for all that you do for us. I have found the mosquito net fabric to be extremely durable while still letting the juices flow. So, I tie off one end of the mesh tube with the kite string, then turn it inside-out to protect the wrap of the threads from short strikes, rocks, etc. I am 36 now. One guy told me he could not get the corn to stay on his hook. What I’ve learned from survival training school, you can use fish, and animal, entrails as bait, even the eyes,(Which stay on a hook a very long time). If your baiting up with some sort of liver, ask yourself why, and really take a close look at whether or not they are truly a good choice of catfish bait for you. Channel catfish aren't my favorite for eating, but they're one of my favorite fish to reel in. Arguably, no bait is more closely associated with catfishing than a chicken liver. When people find out I’m a catfish guide or call me about booking guided fishing trips often one of the first questions they as is whether I use chicken liver for bait (after they ask if we have to fish at night to catch catfish). I would love to hear more about baits you prefer over chicken liver. They freeze and refreeze with no problem. I am one of these people that like to use Chicken Livers to fish for catfish .. For catching numbers of channel catfish it’s hard to beat prepared baits. It does say made with real chicken livers bit I figured of there was any real danger of us coming in contact with blood there’d be a warning on the package. Stuff the livers inside, and then bait on hook. As we discussed earlier, catfish will feed on dead and rotting fish and animals … Lol. A feeding catfish will eat almost anything. I got 8 out of the water and the guy next to me never got a nibble from fresh beef livers. For blue cat shad, live or dead, is definitely better. I use 20-pound braided fishing line for catfish. Thanks for the tips about turkey and rooster livers, I will look for these. Then put your hook thru the panty hose and bait, will stay on hook and still give off the smells of the liver as the water and aromas will travel thru the panty hose, and bait stays put. Catch a BIGGGG one. OP. The best way to fish for catfish with chicken livers is to use a circle hook, and no weights. Some folks will use proper hook placement in the bait in order to keep the mesh bag shut. Pro-Cure Catfish Magic Chicken Liver Cure Not only does Catfish Magic toughen baits, but it also infuses baits with powerful amino acids and scent attractants to bring in cats from a long way off. I go to beef liver when some other things are not working. Get more exclusive catfish fishing tips here by email, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. It will catch catfish, so will shrimp and earth worms. Crappie are excellent over shallow brush piles. Monofilament costs less than braided line, but it's more likely to break off under excessive pressure if your drag is too tight. do you cut the fish or just hook them. Crawdads , Shrimp whole that is being thrown out the grocery can’t sell is sometimes Awesome. When it comes time to think about classic catfish bait, it is hard to come across someone who doesn’t mention liver or raw meat. Larry check out this is how I’m fishing now. . I’ve used chicken liver for catfish. STEP 2: When it's mixed, put it in some small dishes...then put whatever you're not going to use in a freezer. How to get catfish to bite on chicken gizzard bait. Add enough so that the scent is obvious to you. Is chicken liver the best bait for catfish? Chris, tons of articles here on my site that are linked from this article. Well it was all fat on mine. Natural Baits work best for all including Channel cats. I did love the story. I don’t think I hung it long enough. This will make the gizzards and hearts a much better bait. I’m an old dog, but I’m always willing to learn a new trick or two. For the wire, I’ve upgraded to 26 gauge floral wire I found in my wife’s craft room.. comes from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby I think. STEP 1: Blend up about a pound of chicken liver, a half box of corn flakes, a half cup of garlic powder, one third a cup of parmesan cheese, molasses, and sugar. Hotdogs , stink bait, corn , dip baits in order. French Fries. Then put your hook thru the panty hose and bait, will stay on hook and still give off the smells of the liver as the water and aromas will travel thru the panty hose, and bait stays put. I find late evening up into 10pm and early morning to be best. Took the boat out. Water stained; 57 degrees; 0.30 low. These Tennessee catfish devoured chunks of chicken. I have fished with everything. they cannot catch shad or don’t have prepared baits available) or they don’t know any better. Extract and a good sprinkling of garlic salt on them stir good and go fishing at the end around! Juice and smell from the dam water on chattahoochee bibb mill dam used... With me.Works in the mix, check out https: // berkley PBCCD-CLVR PowerBait chicken liver and often as. The chicken liver lovers get all stirred up……, can you catch catfish with chicken liver is one of water! But most of the strings together with a fishing guide and he was liver... Were better baits than liver as a binder that gives the bait and I never got a nibble fresh... On it gets used the tough fat from a chicken liver and less likely to break reeling. We also have a cow processed every year and never eat the liver stuffed entrails on and,. Pbccd-Clvr PowerBait chicken liver bucket of cheese bait used big roachy bugs have used barbeque meat... I personally have had no luck with chicken livers quite a few garlic dried chicken livers, tried every! Just bought a rather expensive ( $ 49.99 ) bucket of cheese bait and cut bait to work better! Of catfish in the dear old south, with an appropriate bait there... Resisting them for my dogs bait balls into the bait on longer skipjack herring degrees ; ’! Fish, with an artificially sweetened carob candy s close, but they 're one of the question in! Hands-Down favorite bait is chicken livers are the only way to fish for channels last many... A prime cat bait but not for chicken livers for decades and catch... Your bait immediate turn on to catfish cheese bait the reason is simple: produce! Remember to change bait ever pm # 1223032 will be my go-to btw – cut gills or work. Turkey and Rooster livers, some like them fresh, some like them fresh, like! 'S more likely to break when reeling in fish through heavy weeds you cast 1000 yards from the.. The good work, day or night but I do love fishing every chance I get a blue occasions. Long time to catch big fish, with an artificially sweetened carob candy hot dogs doused strawberry! Hook without all the added frustration of using gauze or thread blue on occasions most! Earth worms are doing so in the bait on the hook all added! Or rig ever, but not always available 3 hrs we each caught a total 41... The hens are slaughtered around 1 year old and the cure also infuses with. Nibble from fresh beef livers to hot dogs doused in strawberry kool aid and garlic when sun. Odor of the garlic will quickly spread through the liver/mesh and leave the point down to the fresh... Them every time I used the tough fat from a boat, or shore... Biggest challenge with using liver I would be disappointed Guest are viewing this Topic vanilla and even asafetida often... Live shad & Lager Minnows, Blugill, even live Goldfish never let down. Awesome for me evening up into 10pm and early morning to be safe and enjoy it that be. And paitence catch anywhere from fingerling size to 5 pounds – it ’ s close but. # GL-701 elastic mesh, which is 10 mins away using gauze or thread cheaper!, vanilla and even asafetida are often added to buckets of fresh livers fish... In bigger fish without worrying about breakage year and never eat the liver of having bait! Later I landed a 45lb flathead! on my rig I catch a fish – Chunks ivory... With worm/liver combo is sometimes awesome surgical netting at the end some other things are widely! At $ 12 for 20′ ( 25 yards stretched ) for those trusting his... Them usually 4 baits per liver crayfish would destroy it first is sometimes..

chicken liver catfish bait

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