Your Rhodesian Ridgeback should always return to you undistracted, and here’s how you can achieve that. Simple commands such as sit, come, or stay will not suffice as hunting requirements. As a dog lover, I’d be happy to share my knowledge and experience, which I get raising my Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy called Cooper. And that is, that a dog of such courage, intelligence and self-possession would choose to love its humans as deeply as it does – a reality that is just as breathtaking as any exotic species you might see roaring across the African veldt. ... Also I think its better that you have a dog that can alert you to the presence of a mountain lion. But as time progressed it became clear that the ridged dogs were more successful hunters, likely owing to their native Khoi dog blood. Get Started. Also, you just can't take any ol Rhodesian Ridgeback. However, type Rhodesian Ridgeback lion killer’ into Google and you will come up with many threads, sites, and videos that are not helping, or are still asking if it’s the truth. Rhodesian Ridgeback Nala The Lion Hunter. And quite rightly so. Both Rhodesian Ridgeback and Mountain Cur are having almost same height. The finest authentic hunting Ridgebacks in the world. 2 Try dog agility as a way to get your Rhodesian Ridgeback to love obstacles. One of the few outposts on the way to the bustling settlement at Bulawayo, Hope Fountain Mission was an essential stopping place for travelers, weary hunters and fellow missionaries. I bred these dogs, and they are my favorite dog. 5 Finally, combine all your obstacle training with noises. In 1928, for example, the first one was shown in Great Britain by Mrs. Edward Foljambe. Rochelle T. Lv 4. With their short, wheaten coats ranging from pale flaxen to rich red, handsome heads and marble-sculptured physiques, modern Ridgebacks are indisputably more polished than their frontier-bred progenitors. Get up to 50% off. Borrowing liberally from the Dalmatian standard, which described a dog that, like their own, needed to be able to trot alongside a horse or wagon all day, these early fanciers crafted the Ridgeback version. Located in the Angeles National Forest. The Rhodesian Ridgeback, sometimes referred to as the African Lion Hound, is the only recognized breed originating in South Africa. Our Story. Nov 22, 2019 - Explore judy wisdom's board "Rhodesian ridgeback" on Pinterest. Ricky Gervais accurately observed that the Ridgeback got a bad assignment when the genetic gods created it in his recent Netflix special Humanity. And traces of that genetically imparted wisdom are in evidence even today: No matter where they live, Ridgebacks will almost universally refuse to leap into a standing body of water, because such an impetuous act in their native Africa would likely result in being lunch for a crocodile. See more ideas about Rhodesian ridgeback, Hunting dogs, Lion hunting. Haydeevsa . They rank number 42 out of 194 on the American Kennel Club’s list of America’s most popular dog breeds. The Ridgeback was able to perform a variety of tasks – coursing and bringing down large antelope, fending off baboons, herding the occasional ox, and protecting the kraal, or livestock pen, at night. Il a une grande endurance et une bonne pointe de vitesse. Le museau est long, profond, robuste, le stop est assez marqué. Please research the breed, and see if a rhodesian ridgeback is right for you. Unique Rhodesian Ridgeback Stickers designed and sold by artists. Nov 2, 2017 - Explore Sandy's board "Rhodesian Ridgebacks", followed by 303 people on Pinterest. Hunting with a Rhodesian Ridgeback is undoubtedly an activity that is enjoyed by both owner and dog, however, it is not an exercise for everyone. Shop unique Rhodesian Ridgeback face masks designed and sold by independent artists. Le Rodhesian Ridgeback est … In 1922, a meeting of Lion Dog owners in Bulawayo turned out a dizzying assortment of dogs that ranged in appearance and size from Bull Terriers to Great Danes. Famous “Lion Dog” of Rhodesia Story of the Ridgeback, country’s natural breed, who is prized by dog-lovers all over the world.. Rip of Colemor, a 2 1/2 year old Ridgeback owned by Mrs Arsenis. See more ideas about Rhodesian ridgeback, Hunting dogs, Lion hunting. Both Rhodesian Ridgeback and Mountain Cur has almost same life span. Ridgeback fight with the bull (Rhodesian ridgeback - Axel - Big. Such quirks aside, the most valuable quality that persists in the dog under the ridge is the very same one that caused a seasoned hunter like van Rooyen to mourn each time he returned from a hunt without one of his Lion Dogs. We recently mated our lovely dark red Maya (ZEJAK AYSI AT OJORE) with Teddy (Zejak Kapanga) a stunning dark red ridgeback with an unbelievably soft and gentle temperament. Oct 19, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by MK CHAT. 1 Expose your Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy to as many types of flooring as possible. The strong temperament. 0 . (Though that country in southern Africa is now known as Zimbabwe, the breed’s original name abides. They were not, however, expected to nor did they kill them. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog breed bred in the Southern Africa region. I have Tyson a 3yr old and Nthaba (means Big Mountain in Zulu) she is 10yrs old !! Rhodesian Ridgeback Characteristics. White or transparent. Discover (and save!) So well trained, as it happens, that they can anticipate exactly what their owner needs and exactly when. Unique in having a ridge of hair in the shape of a dagger on his back, he is said to have descended from native ridged dogs known in South Africa since the 16th century. Aug 31, 2017 - A large and muscular dog, the Rhodesian Ridgeback was not only developed as hunter but also as a family protector. The last thing you want whilst hunting with your Rhodesian Ridgeback is for them to become distracted. From our breeding many breeding founders, as well as numerous show champions are descended. Le chien de Rhodésie à crête dorsale, plus couramment appelé Rhodesian ridgeback, est une race de chiens originellement développée en Rhodésie du Sud, actuel Zimbabwe. They are also not usually trained to be hunters by the average family that keeps them. It certainly takes a moment to get used to it. In the 1870s several Rhodesian Ridgebacks were taken to Rhodesia (modern-day Zimbabwe) with the intention of using them to hunt the lion. Well, even this awesome dog breed […], The Labrador, or Labrador Retriever, comes in three colors: cream, black and brown, although you can get a silver version if you cross-breed with a Weimaraner.}} |femaleweight = 40–50 kg (88–110 lb) |maleheight = 63–79 cm (25–31 in) |femaleheight = 60–75 cm (24–30 in) |coat = Short and dense, sleek and glossy in appearance |colour = Light wheaten to red wheaten. Rhodesian Ridgeback Lion. This is why knowledgeable fanciers always refer to their dogs as “Ridgebacks” for short – not “Rhodesians.”. Les membres sont forts, d’une bonne ossature, bien d’aplomb. As final recipes go, however, the Ridgeback was only half-baked. 4:02. 3:46. The breed is also known as the African Lion Hound due to their history in helping to hunt lions … Some people believe that Ridgebacks actually attack and kill lions. Our beautiful kennel is nestled at the base of the blue ridge mountains near the NC/SC border. Les males mesurent de 63 à 69 cm au garrot pour36,5 kg en moyenne, alors que les femelles mesurent entre 61 et 66 cm au garrot, pour environ 32 kg. A Boer living in British-centric Rhodesia, van Rooyen was a famed big-game hunter, arranging expeditions for the wealthy and influential, including English dukes and lords. But Rhodesian Ridgebacks have tremendous respect, bordering on fear, for the big cats. Each week, without even leaving our couches, we travel to a different place and time to meet the people who developed the snoozing bundles of fur at our sides. your own Pins on Pinterest The product of this breeding was the dog we now know as the Rhodesian Ridgeback. The Rhodesian Ridgeback "Big Game/Gun Dog" Kindly submitted by James Callan. ... Rhodesian Ridgeback Hunting Lion. Other breeds were brought into being by specific cultures or classes of people. LeRhodesian-Ridgeback descend des chiens de la Colonie du Cap du Sud de l'Afrique. 3:31. As they become more used to the noises around them, move them forward. They were used in packs between 2-6, to hunt down lions and other large animals, such as baboons, etc. your own Pins on Pinterest Mountain Rhodesian Ridgeback Mountain Rhodesian Ridgeback Mountain Rhodesian Ridgeback. This is partly because with distraction your hunt will likely fail but mainly due to issues of safety. Doggie day care usually doesn’t result in a new breed. TS ridgeback ⛰ side profiles for you guys t. I am the watcher on the walls. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. So you could easily have a large Ridgeback that is larger than mountain lion, though size doesn't always matter when you are hunting. Rhodesian Ridgeback may weigh 14 kg / 31 pounds more than Mountain Cur. The dog has to be bred for it and trained properly for it also. Fanciers in the early 20th Century began to breed the dogs more as the all-around companions and protectors that they had always been rather than for the dying sport of lion hunting. Il a le poil court, luisant et lisse. Welcome to Mountain Rhodesian Ridgeback. (That is the biggest misconception about Ridgebacks and lions: The former never made contact with the latter, but rather teased and disoriented them, much as a matador taunts a bull.) Source(s): This is due to them being strong, muscular, and large. Always, a pack of Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs was used to corner the Lion, and then a hunter would shoot him down. From The Nature. Yeah. Some famous Labradors in popular culture An English service Labrador, Endal, became the “most […], The Sphynx is…an odd sort of cat. Les oreilles sont attachées assez haut, d’une taille moyenne et adhérant à la tête. From Hunting Dog To Pet. Since then the Rhodesian Ridgeback has grown in popularity as a family pet which is no doubt due to their good looks and fabulous personalities. However, most Rhodesian Ridgebacks still possess the hunting instinct; including a rather high prey drive. They’re pretty much all you could want in a family pet I’d say, wouldn’t you? 15 Things To Know Before Getting A Bulldog Puppy, 15 Things To Know Before Getting A German Shepherd Puppy, 9 Things to Know Before Getting a Labrador, A bright vest to distinguish your dog from other animals. From The Nature. Rhodesian Ridgebacks may be born lion hunters, but they also need to be made ready through constant training. It’s not known if van Rooyen selected Lorna and Powder’s puppies based on whether there they had a ridge or not. We’ve all heard the stories in regard to the Rhodesian Ridgeback being a ferocious hunting dog capable of killing lions. Bulldogs are one of the most unique and adorable dog breeds out there. 1 Teach your dog to touch your hand by holding a treat. Lv 4. Nov 5, 2016 - The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog breed developed in Southern Africa, they also known as the Lion hunting dogs. I bred these dogs, and they are my favorite dog. The Rhodesian Ridgeback About Us Our Dogs Our Extended Family Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Twin Springs Ridgebacks was founded by Keith and Rachel Hill of Landrum South Carolina. Rhodesian Ridgeback is originated from Zimbabwe but Mountain Cur is originated from United States. 1 0. Les yeux sont ronds, brillants, d’une couleur assortie à la robe. The Rhodesian ridgeback can be traced back as early as the 1500s when European immigrants brought several dog breeds to South Africa. While Rhodesian Ridgeback hunting dogs are still popular in certain parts of the world, they are also beloved companion animals. However, what every hunting dog requires, no matter what, is safety equipment. 4 years ago. Get them to walk, play, and run on all of them. Before we get to the dog-sitting episode that brought these famed lion-hunting dogs into being, we have to turn back the clock and head south, to the tip of the continent. History of the Rhodesian Ridgeback . La caractéristique du Rhodesian Ridgeback est sa crête dorsale nettement définie et symétrique, formée par le poil qui pousse dans le sens opposé au reste du pelage. Sa queue est de longueur moyenne et portée droite, légèrement courbée vers le haut. From The Nature. This was followed by in 1950 Mr. and Mrs. William O Brien taking several to America. Safety of your Rhodesian Ridgeback has to be paramount and you will need: Last, but not least your Rhodesian Ridgeback should also be correctly socialized and exposed to elements they may encounter whilst hunting. This means that they are likely to chase neighborhood cats, and any other animal (wild included) they may come across. A dark muzzle and ears permissible. Returning from his expeditions with horns and hides, he also captured wild animals and sold them to European zoos and wildlife parks. 4:45. They added the details of the all-important ridge, as well as words to indicate this unique African breed needed speed as much as endurance. Though we often don’t think about them in this way, dogs are really about people — those long-ago (or, sometimes, not so long-ago) figures who developed particular breeds for particular tasks. As the name predicts, this dog is so tough and athletic it was originally used to hunt lions in the rough climate and landscape of Africa. The kennel name is inspired by two natural springs that allow fresh water to run through the 8 acres of fenced in property. Sa taille est entre 61 à 70 cm et son poids de 32 à 40 kg. In short order, these early fanciers also changed the name of the breed from African Lion Dog to Rhodesian Ridgeback, because while any dog can, in theory, hunt a lion, not every dog has that telltale cowlick up its back that attests to its roots in the rocky headlands of the Cape of Good Hope. Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay safe. You may have to monitor caloric intake to keep them from overeating and becoming obese. Always, a pack of Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs was used to corner the Lion, and then a hunter would shoot him down. A little white on the chest and toes is permissible. Source(s): 5 Take your Rhodesian Ridgeback on a hunt but keep them well behind the hunt line. Which is better: Rhodesian Ridgeback or Vizsla or Rottweiler? This was due to their role as hunting dogs. Help your dog to adjust to these by hanging towels or blankets over them and from their crate. Hunting training also needs to begin from as early an age as possible and progress as your Rhodesian Ridgeback grows in both mental and physical strength. Rhodesian Ridgeback Facts -In the past, because of its hunting skill it was known as the African Lion Dog, African Lion Hound, and also Van Rooyen’s Lion Dog.-With the Ridgeback, hunting lions was done silently. Today there are five Rodesians in our family. For these dangerous endeavors, he required a pack of lion-hunting dogs, whose ranks were constantly winnowed by the teeth and claws of their prey. © The American Kennel Club, Inc. 2020. History. Boers needed to find a canine companion who was capable of hunting larger game. There have also been reports of Rhodesian Ridgebacks having been trained to point upland game and retrieve game and fowl. Its a possibility. Can a Rhodesian Ridgeback really hunt that well? With their courage, intelligence, strength, and agility, they became quite useful with South African Boer farmers in hunting large animals like Lions and hence started to be known as African Lion … Compare Rhodesian Ridgeback and Vizsla and Rottweiler. Le Rhodesian Ridgebackest un chien fort, musclé et vif, aux formes symétriques, résistant et rapide. Our rhodesian ridgebacks are raised in our home with our young daughter, and teenage son and very loved. When we went to pick our first Rhodesian Ridgeback we were greeted by … Hunting dogs need to build multiple skills, in fact, the best hunting dogs are exceptionally trained and skilled. The Dutch settlers noted that the native peoples, called the Khoikhoi, had dogs with unique, backward-growing stripes of hair up their backs. My wife is a competitive runner and has been doing more trail running in areas of the Foothills with a large population of Mountain Lions & Bears. Here they were recognized by the Kennel Club in 1955 with the first registered being Tchaika Of Redhouse. See more ideas about Rhodesian ridgeback, Dogs, Lion dog. He is a Rhodesian Challenge Certificate winner, another certificate will make him a champion. Joined Sep 13, 2010 Messages 10,020 Reaction score 4,525. But how true are they, really? Here they used to take down injured stags, flush out partridges, and generally guard their territory at night. For example, tombs in Egypt from around 4000BC display pictures of dogs that look just like Rhodesian Ridgebacks with caves near Rasape, Zimbabwe doing the same. Reflecting these diverse roles, in many cases the only thing these early Ridgebacks had in common was the ridge on their backs. With their courage, intelligence, strength, and agility, they became quite useful with South African Boer farmers in hunting large animals like Lions and hence started to be known as African Lion … The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a popular breed all around the world. When your dog touches your hand release the treat to them. This artistic Rhodesian Ridgeback will look great on a piece of clothing, as an accessory or on display as an art work. Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel of Mombasa. By ElegantCat. The reason why they were initially bred by Boer hunters was the job of keeping lions at bay for hunters. 3 When passing through wooded areas your Rhodesian Ridgeback is going to come across overhanging items such as branches. WE DO NOT PLAN TO BREED AGAIN TIL 2018. Rhodesian Ridgeback … This divergence into being a family pet, however, now means that the Rhodesian Ridgeback is no longer being bred to be the perfect hunter. Though not particularly attractive with their pricked ears and jackal-like bearing, these ridged dogs were hardy and had a seemingly innate ability to survive encounters with African predators, in particular lions. After all, dogs can keep us company for years […], German shepherds dogs are one of the most popular breeds in the world and for a lot of good reasons. This does not mean, however, that you and your Rhodesian Ridgeback cannot participate in hunting training. Lion-hunting required a specific set of both physical and mental skills: The dogs had to be strong enough to withstand the physical rigors of the hunt, but have ample agility to dart out of the way of slashing claws. Answer a few simple questions and find the right dog for you, Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side, Browse the AKC Marketplace to find the right puppy for you, Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration, Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid, Rhodesian Ridgeback History: Hunting Lions & Fending Off Baboons, How Does a Dog Win a Dog Show? It wasn’t long before the Rhodesian Ridgeback became the hunting dog of choice, and could be seen on every homestead around. See more ideas about Rhodesian ridgeback, Dogs, Rhodesian ridgeback dog. They will need to be acclimatized to noises such as this in order to react correctly. 0:23. They are smart, gorgeous, fluffy, funny, playful, and loyal – what’s not to love? Rather, they are being bred with other traits being more valuable. 2015-mar-24 - Rhodesian Ridgeback African Lion Hound Hunting Another professional hunter and close friend of Selous also knew the Mission well. 1 Introduce noise to your Rhodesian Ridgeback as soon as possible. 3 When your Rhodesian Ridgeback reliably touches your hand from a variety of distances away you should discard the treat. Lv 4. 1 of 2 Go to page. 4 Add verbal and hand signals to recall your dog to touch your hand. Discover (and save!) Rhodesian Ridgeback vs Quad Bike - … These caves were also burial sites that showed the chief buried there’s prized possessions including sheep, cattle, and dogs that resemble the Rhodesian Ridgeback known as the Hottentot. Thanks to Zero’s efforts and Penny’s tutelage, Chicago has once again recorded not a single lion attack this year. Furthermore, it would be very little effort for a lion to finish off this dog. Happy 4th to all dogs and dog lovers! Apr 16, 2019 - Explore Susan Lenz's board "rodisian Ridgeback" on Pinterest. Lions were present in the Greek peninsula until classical times; the prestige of lion hunting was shown in Heracles' first labour, the killing of the Nemean lion, and lions were depicted as prominent symbols of royalty, as for example in the Lion Gate to the citadel of Mycenae.. Republic of South Africa. Amazing animals to have as pets. The biggest misconception about Ridgebacks and lions: The former never made contact with the latter, but rather teased and disoriented them, much as a matador taunts a bull. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. And the Ridgeback is fully aware of this state of affairs. If civilization is the intersection of a group of people with their environment, so too are their dogs: With coats that evolved to survive the local climate, body styles developed to navigate native terrains, and characters that fit into the social mores of the day, our purebred dogs are living, breathing moments of history, reflections of the far-flung cultures that developed and nurtured them. When searching “Rhodesian Ridgeback hunting lions,” it’s easy to envision a ferocious looking hound. Whilst hunting your Rhodesian Ridgeback is going to come across a wide variety of obstacles such as fallen leaves, water, grass, and tree trunks. There is also more than meets the eye when it comes to their equally famous Ridgeback appearance and how this is selectively bred for. Go. Find your thing. There were no organized breeding programs, but, being a dominant trait, the ridge persisted, in the Boer dogs as well as the Khoikhoi ones. In 1928, for example, the first one was shown in Great Britain by Mrs. Edward Foljambe. But he would undoubtedly recognize the old souls beneath. When business required him to travel back to South Africa, the Reverend Helms would leave his dogs with van Rooyen. Le Rhodesian Ridgeback est équilibré, fort, musclé, agile, actif et endurant. Are they even good hunting dogs at all, or has the Rhodesian Ridgeback simply got an over-inflated reputation? The breed can be light wheaten to red wheaten and are sleek and glossy in appearance. Sep 18, 2013 - Explore Darren Driscoll's board "Rhodesian Ridgeback", followed by 426 people on Pinterest. Puppies available from time-to-time. My wife is a competitive runner and has been doing more trail running in areas of the Foothills with a large population of Mountain Lions & … That particular dog died during the hunting trip Selous was recounting. As with any other dog breed, the Rhodesian Ridgeback slowly made its way to distant shores. Amazing animals to have as pets. He was accompanied by his wife, their infant daughter, and Powder and Lorna, two presumably ridged female dogs said to resemble rough-coated Greyhounds. 784 likes. In 1924 the Rhodesian Ridgeback was accepted by the South African Kennel Union as a distinct breed, first placed in the gun dog group it was moved to the hound group in 1949. Thread starter RogerThat99; Start date Jul 12, 2011; 1; 2; Next. Rhodesdian Ridgeback Learns To Hunt Lions - Marking Our Territoy | Petcentric. Like all hunting hounds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks have an independent mind of their own and are not pushovers to raise and train. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are fierce. These stories are rife, all over the internet, and have been known to put potential owners off. Originally bred to hunt lions the breed is also known as the African Lion Hound. Saul Alvah. Rhodesian Ridgebacks do not give up when on a scent and will often follow it for miles. The Kennel of Mombasa breeds since 1991 Rhodesian Ridgebacks for family, breeding and show. Animals. But, could it possibly be that their lack of fur is the […]. If Cornelius van Rooyen were to see his dogs today, chances are he would not recognize them apart from those telltale ridges. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are, after all, loyal, affectionate, intelligent, confident, gentle, and fun. Rhodesian Ridgeback Hunting Lion. 4 Introduce sounds that are relevant such as gunshot and whistles. Sep 18, 2013 - Explore Darren Driscoll's board "Rhodesian Ridgeback", followed by 426 people on Pinterest. Source(s): “The mountain lion was right up the hill,” he said. Dog Time. Rhodesian Ridgeback The Lion Hunting Dog Mask. See more ideas about rhodesian ridgeback, breeds, african lion. 1 decade ago . See more ideas about Rhodesian ridgeback, Dogs, Beautiful dogs. As with any other dog breed, the Rhodesian Ridgeback slowly made its way to distant shores. Get up to 20% off. Used as a hunting dog the Hottentot was discovered by European Boers who arrived in South Africa in the 16th century. Jumps, weaving poles, balance beams, and seesaws are all good starting points. Many people do not wish to partake in hunting moral reasons or ethical ones. Rhodesian Ridgeback is originated from Zimbabwe but Mountain Cur is originated from United States. As its name plainly indicates, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog with a ridge on its back that originates in Rhodesia. They show us what cats look like beneath all that fur. Both Rhodesian Ridgeback and Mountain Cur has almost same litter size. These include: The chances are that whilst hunting your dog is going to be exposed to loud noises such as a gun shot. Two nose colors are permissible, black and liver. The exact origins of the Rhodesian Ridgeback are unclear, but similar looking dogs have been noted in historical records from both Asia and Africa. The Rhodesian Ridgeback has also been used very successfully for hunting bobcat, mountain lion, bear, coyote, deer, wild boar and raccoon in the United States, Canada and Mexico. 0 0. sergi. What a hunting pack did, and did so effectively, was to harass a lion and hold it at in place so a hunter could come and make the kill. No Zimbabwean Zipperbacks here.). It is, however, certain that Rhodesian Ridgebacks have been exceptionally good hunters in the past, as their history shows. All of the dogs found South Africa to be way to warm for them so the Boers looked elsewhere for their hunting dogs. Teaching your dog to hunt is not a quick process and can’t be done overnight. Rhodesian Ridgeback may weigh 14 kg / 31 pounds more than Mountain Cur. ALL ENQUIRIES WILL BE FORWARDED TO JACKIE AT ZEJAK RHODESIAN RIDGEBACKS. This handsome dog breed was created in Africa to be a versatile hunter and home guardian. Because spay and neuter was hardly a priority in the African bush, the females interbred with von Rooyen’s pack, which was believed to include Greyhounds, Irish and Airedale terriers, Collies and Bulldogs, which were longer-legged and more agile than the breed we know today. Sun those babies Quorra ⛰ Due in 27 days! Rhodesian Ridgebacks are also still built to be great hunters. How many rhodesian ridgebacks would it take kill a mt lion or fend off a mt lion. See more ideas about Rhodesian ridgeback, Dogs, Rodisian ridgeback. Some breeds — like the Doberman Pinscher, Teddy Roosevelt Terrier, and Cesky Terrier — owe their existence to just one visionary person.

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