The lowdown on fees, listing policies, managing a listing, and info for professional sellers. The transaction will take 1–2 business days to reach your account. This can be done via credit or debit cards, bank transfer, or, You can save bank account and credit or debit card info to Ping, which you can use to pay for purchases on-site and to top up your Trade Me account. This can be done via credit or debit cards, bank transfer, or Ping balance. Members agree to conduct themselves in good faith, respond to communications with Trade Me in the event of a dispute, and be bound by: Trade Me’s decision regarding a dispute report filed by a buyer claiming that the buyer is eligible for a refund under the. Keep it onsite: You agree not to (a) use the Services or the Site to promote Items or services for sale outside of the Services; (b) complete a transaction, that started on Trade Me, outside of the Trade Me process; or (c) seek to avoid our success fees or our process. Trade Me will charge the seller the current fee described on Trade Me's. Charges and Fees. You can save bank account and credit or debit card info to Ping, which you can use to pay for purchases on-site and to top up your Trade Me account. Your Nominated Bank Account will be visible within your Ping Overview, where you may also change your Nominated Bank Account. The seller authorises Trade Me to deduct its fees from money held on trust and retain any interest earned on the money held on trust. More than 30 top golf club brands can be traded in, including TaylorMade, Callaway, PING, Cobra, Cleveland and Mizuno. Any Trade Me member may use Ping to facilitate the purchase and sale of goods and services on Trade Me, subject to clauses 5.5 and 15. Under ‘Post auction activity’, select ‘Payment received’. Ping may not be used to acquire a financial product, or a beneficial interest in a financial product. You can leave it there to pay for Trade Me purchases, or. The seller may choose to recover this cost by applying for insurance from the shipping company. If a member is unsatisfied with Trade Me’s decision regarding a dispute the subject of a Buyer Protection application, the member may seek determination of its liability (as against the other member in the dispute) by initiating proceedings in the Disputes Tribunal or a New Zealand court. Next to the paid amount, select ‘Issue refund’. You can use credit/debit cards, saved bank account or your Ping balance via Ping when you’re topping up your Trade Me account. If the member does not use Ping within 12 months of Trade Me giving such notice, the member’s stored balance may be forfeited to Trade Me. In each listing, sellers are responsible for bringing to the attention of buyers any defects, deterioration or imperfections of an item which are material (". This form is for anonymous article feedback and we aren't able to reply. Note: To use a bank account to pay with Ping, you must have received feedback at least 10 times and have a rating of 98% or higher. We’ll put $0.01 into your bank account, along with a reference code. Trade Me does not permit negative Ping balances. To provide members with visibility of funds held on trust and any payments or withdrawals authorised by the member, Trade Me will provide the members with a Ping ledger and balance where members can view all Ping transactions. Account closure Ping is a payment option you can select when creating a listing. Top Sellers receive a reduced fee of 1.65%. You can leave it there to pay for Trade Me purchases, or transfer it to your bank account. Any subsequent sale amount will be used to clear any negative Ping balance. Where the member’s Ping balance does not have sufficient balance to cover money owed to Trade Me, the member must, if directed by Trade Me, immediately make payment sufficient to cover the full amount owed. Ping is a payment method that lets you make or receive instant payments. A seller must offer clear shipping options with specific pricing on all listings offering Ping. If you sell an item using these payment methods, the following fees apply. Your golf club trade-in value is eligible to be used toward Hot Deals tee times & convenience fees on What type of clubs are accepted? Trade Me's fraud protection systems may from time to time block legitimate payments. Fees are ridiculous, so many limitations and poor customer service - cost $1.99 plus GST to phone call them and service which is free from most businesses. Trade Me may set limits on the value or number of transactions that members can make using Ping within a given period. Auction withdrawal fee . Trade Me may in its sole discretion restrict or suspend a member’s Trade Me account, or a member’s use of Ping, until all amounts owed to Trade Me are paid in full. If a Chargeback or Reversal occurs for reasons other than an incorrect transaction Trade Me will not normally refund the Transaction Fee. The ins and outs of Ping, and how you can buy and sell using it. If a member has not used Ping for a period of 36 months and the member retains a Ping stored balance, Trade Me will notify the member via their registered email address, phone number or other contact details. Chargebacks: Banks and other credit/debit card issuers (“Issuers”) generally offer a dispute process for credit card or debit card payments known as a chargeback process. Selling & fees. Trade Me employs fraud detection techniques designed to prevent fraud.

trade me ping fees

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